Monday, February 28, 2011

Picture Book Marathon - Bonus Picture Book!

This book was written by my brother when he was in 2nd grade and (minimally) edited by me a couple days ago. This was another one of the in-case-of-emergency books.

Picture Book #27: Hoppy the Bunny

A long time ago, a little bunny lived on the edge of the woods. The bunny's name was Hoppy. Hoppy had four brothers and five sisters, whom he played with all day.

Over the woods and past the stream was the home of the giant Norcade. Norcade lived on a big mountain. He was scary, so the bunnies never went near the mountain.

Between the mountain and the forest there was a lake. In the lake lived eight swans. They loved the sun. Every day, Norcade came down the mountain and bathed in the lake.

One day, Hoppy was playing by the lake. The swans were swimming and the sun was shining. Then Norcade came down to bathe. He saw Hoppy.

Hoppy looked up. Norcade reached down. Hoppy ran away. Meanwhile, Norcade was fighting the eight swans. He was not doing very well.

The next day, Hoppy's brothers and sisters were looking for food when they saw Norcade. He had been injured by the swans. Hoppy's brothers and sisters bought him home. But Hoppy was scared so they threw the giant out!

In the meantime, a wolf was in the woods. The wolf was hiding behind Hoppy's house when Norcade came by. The bunnies saw Norcade. They started throwing rocks at him.

Hoppy was on a walk. Whenhe came back, he saw the other bunnies throwing rocks at Norcade and joined in. Norcade turned around and almost ripped Hoppy in two!

Luckily the wolf injured Norcade even more than the swans had. All the other bunnies jumped on Norcade until they pushed him over and he fell to the ground!

For the upcoming posts, I've decided to push everything back a day. So PBM wrap up will be posted tomorrow, and then the 7 Facts Award and Teaser Tuesday will be posted on Wednesday, because I don't have the time or energy to blog any more tonight, so.... yep.

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