Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 17

So yesterday I hinted at a book for my friend Rachie. Today I actually wrote the book. She gave me the idea for the story, so it's dedicated to her.

Picture Book #17: Untitled So Far
for Rachie

Once upon a time there was a girl with a beautiful voice. Every time she sang, people would be so overcome by happiness that she became incredibly popular. But there was only one person who she cared about. He liked her songs, but he wasn't enchanted like everyone else. Then one day she got sick and lost her voice. She couldn't sing anymore, and soon people went back to the way they were before hearing her songs. Without all of the people around her all the time, for the first time since she started singing, she could act like herself. _______ noticed this and started talking with her more. He saw what a nice person she was. So when she finally got her voice and started singing again, he stayed next to her the whole time and made sure she wasn't so surrounded by people that she couldn't be herself.

"The End"

Until tomorrow-- there's a fun story coming up.

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