Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 9

Today's story was inspired by two other marathoners, Nathan Hale and Jed Henry. Today Nathan Hale posted his marathon book, a wordless picture book about a giant snowstorm (see it here), and I was also inspired by a sketch Jed Henry did a couple of sketches about a month ago that I loved (see them here). Also this story was inspired by a time earlier this winter when my mom and I started a walk in the rain and by the time we got to lunch, it was snowing like crazy. By the way, this one is a wordless picture book like Nathan's. I wanted to put in words, but it worked so much better wordless. I didn't mean to copy, but...

So, Picture Book #8: Rainy Day, Snowy Day
for Nathan Hale, Jed Henry, and everyone participating in the Picture Book Marathon in 2011

Shadowed room, door slightly open, character looking out door, rain outside (bright)
*SLAM* door, character getting boots on
Door opening, pulling on raincoat, boots and hat on, rain outside
Character runs outside
Spinning (3 panels)
Running, jumping, playing (in panels)
Rainbow reflected in puddle, splash in puddle
Ripples fade, blue sky, then a single snowflake (panels)
Clouds form, looks up
Starts to snow
Plays in the snow, tastes snowflakes, makes snowman
Goes back inside, takes of coat and boots
Grabs blanket and sits on couch in front of fire
Takes cup of hot chocolate from mother’s hand
Sips hot chocolate
(panel) hot chocolate on table
Falls asleep on couch
The End.

I don't have a sketch for it right now, but the ideal would look something like Jed Henry's sktech (see link above).

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