Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 15

So today I am cheating a little. When I first started the marathon, I dug out a bunch of old picture books I wrote when I was probably no more than 7 years old. I had an idea for today, about a girl with a beautiful singing voice, but I didn't get around to writing it, and I want to actually write the three from yesterday and this weekend also, so for today I'm transcribing a book called Zoop the Soup, written by my brother and me years ago. So, I technically didn't write this one during the marathon, but if I'm going to finish (and I really really want to finish), a couple of the books are going to have to be these old ones. Since this was written when we were younger, some parts don't make all that much sense, but I think kids will be entertained by the rhymes. I certainly was. (When I first reread this, I thought it was a bit silly and not a very good picture book. But the more I read it, the more it grew on me. So I'd advise reading this a couple times.)

Picture Book #15: Zoop the Soup
I have a soup. I tried to zoop the soup. The carrots are the real fast ones. The soup smells good.
(page turn)
Zoop the soup!
Please zoop the soup.
Woop, please zoop the soup.
Noop and Woop, please zoop the soup.
Moop, Noop, and Woop, please zoop the soup.
Kloop, Moop, Noop, and Woop, please zoop the soup.
Floop, Kloop, Moop, Noop, and Woop, please zoop the soup.
Koop, Floop, Kloop, Moop, Noop, and Woop, please zoop the soup.
(page turn)
Oh no! You never have to zoop the soup.
Flogaloop will zoop the soup.
Flagalopp will zoop the soup.
Fagaloop will zoop the soup.
Flopalop will zoop the soup.
Scabalop will zoop the soup.
(page turn)
Scabalop or any of the others won't have to zoop the soup.
Because Falogamadugacajugaglafloglowskosko will zoop the soup.
He is a double, triple, quadriple, octiple, tapiple, japiple, lapiple, octipiple octopus.
(page turn)
Wake up! Wake up!
]It's time for lunch.
I already zooped the soup.
(page turn)
Thanks to the zooper,
(page turn)

First of all, I have no idea what I was thinking with that 4th to last page. As my brother says, the only suspense in the story is the breath before the reader attempts that ridiculous name.

Also, you probably want to know what the heck zooping the soup is. Well, we have this little hand-blender that my mom uses to puree soups. And it makes a noise like zoop, zoop. So, that's where the name comes from.
Photo courtesy of www.blenderexpert.com

If I have to resort to using old picture books, again, I'll try to pick a better one next time. By the way, if you think this one is worth fixing up, please let me know.
Until tomorrow,

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