Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 22

I don't have today's book yet, but I wanted to post the illustration for Dustin's book so that it can count as a book in the marathon. I feel like I'm going to need those rest days in this final stretch.

Picture Book #19: Jason and the Astronauts

A retelling of the myth Jason and the Argonauts. In this one Jason goes into space to find the Golden Fleet. All of the adventures from the original (the clashing rocks, the dragon, etc.) are going to be in here, but changed to fit the new story. 

I don't love the illustration, but I did it quickly (those spaceships are really just 1 spaceship copied and pasted).  However, I do like the simple color scheme with the blue, gray, and gold. If I redo the cover I want to keep those colors.

All the credit goes to Dustin for thinking of this idea, and all the blame goes to me for not getting the research together and just sitting down to write the darn thing. 

Until later, when I think of (and write) a book for today.

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