Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 23

I'm getting to the last few miles and my river of ideas is running a bit low. But the end is in sight! If I save up my rest days for Assessment Week (next week), I'll be done by Saturday, and I still have a few old books that I can post if I need.

Today's book is a bit silly and nonsensical, but I like it. It's charming in its own way.

Picture Book #23: My Hat is a Hat

My hat is a hat. It keeps my head warm.
It keeps my hair dry if I'm caught in a storm.

My shoe is a shoe. It goes over my socks.
It keeps my toes safe if I step on some rocks.

My bag is a bag. It holds all my stuff.
I fill it all the way up 'til my friends say "enough!"

My dog is a dog. She barks all the time.
But she's so cute  and I love that she's mine.
(some half-rhyme action going on here, but it just means I can't think of a good full rhyme)

Etc. for about 10 more stanzas. I don't think the story really has a point, but it's something I could imagine kids reading to their parents, rather than parents having to explain it to their kids.

Next week (probably Monday) I'll put up a poll to see which books people liked best, and which I should continue working on. I think I'm probably going to choose the top three winners and edit/ finish/ fix up those during March. Also, as soon as PBM is over, I'll get back to my regular reviews and whatnot. Right now I'm using every hour I can get.

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