Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 2

After yesterday's incredibly difficult rhyming couplets, I thought I'd give myself a break today.

Picture Book #2 is called I Want a Llama.

I always loved the word llama when I was younger, with that awesome double l at the beginning. My friend Stephanie and I have a joke about bringing llamas to school, and so I wrote this one for her.

I Want A Llama

For Stephanie

I want a llama to carry my books
To carry my bags
To carry my pens and paper

I want a llama to take me to school
To take me to work
To take me to my friends’ houses to play

I want a llama to cuddle
To hug
To sneak into my room at night and sleep on my rug

I want a llama to sit in my backyard
And eat daisies

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