Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 11

Although at this point I'm getting more and more ideas for my stories, I noticed that I'm staring to run out of  ideas on the form of the book. So far, most of my books have been wordless or straightforward narration. I want to use PBM to think of different ways I can express the story. So that's one goal I'm going to work toward for the rest of PBM. If you very nice viewers have any ideas, please comment and let me know.

So, today's book was inspired by my friend Marcella. She pretended to have read this book called "The Red Manilla Envelope" and told me a whole intricate plot summary, complete with government conspiracies and secret islands. She said someday she would write it for me, but today I decided to write my own version for her.

I like the general idea of the story, but I think  executed it badly. After PBM is over I'm going to go back to this story and see if I can tweak it until it turns into something I like.

Picture Book #11: The Red Manilla Envelope
For Marcella

Girl (Maddy) in post office points to manilla envelope
Takes envelope, hands over coins
Walks home with envelope – suburban neighborhood
Goes into house, gets out paper and pens.
Writing a letter (panels)
Looks at letter, smiles
(in single panel)
My name is Maddy. I am 10 years old and I live in the United States. I love to write and
(panel cuts off the rest of the letter)
Starts coloring the envelope (red)
She writes on the back of the envelope:
If you revive this, write a letter about yourself, put it in the envelope, and send it to someone. There is a box of addressing labels inside the envelope. Whoever receives this at the end of December, please send it to P.O. box
(panel cuts off the rest)
Walks to post office, morning
Puts stamp on envelope
Puts envelope into mailbox
Envelope in mail slot
2 pages:
Girl in NYC looks at it, confused, reads letter and back of envelope
Put envelope under her arm and walks through city
Enters apartment
Makes coffee (2 panels, shares page with previous)
Sits down at desk, writes a letter
Puts letter in envelope
Puts envelope in mail slot
8-10 pages of envelope w/ different people in different places, countries
winter, maddy, bundled up, walks to post office in snow
passes houses with xmas decorations
arrives at post office, walks in
Red envelope is in PO Box
Runs home (3 panels)
Asleep in bed, letters from around the world on her walls
(panel) envelope is on desk, covered in postage stamps

11 down, 15 to go!

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