Monday, February 28, 2011

Picture Book Marathon - The Finish Line!

I had this all set to be finished on Saturday so I could breeze through the weekend and get started with Assessments (which are this week). Except I couldn't think of anything on Saturday. And then I couldn't think of anything on Sunday. And I couldn't think of anything today, which I was extremely worried about because today is the last day of the marathon! So I decided to draw the cover of a book and make up a story to match it. Unfortunately, I'm really dissatisfied with my cover illustration (this last book just doesn't want to cooperate). But here it is anyway - Picture Book #26:

And here's the original picture I traced it from:

That's my puppy from about a year ago during Winter Break. The story idea for this is that the puppy (I haven't thought of a name yet) blends into the snow and the entire family thinks he or she is lost until he or she jumps through the kid's window and is found again. 

Also, today I got picked for the Seven Facts award by Allegra, which I'll post tomorrow with my regular Teaser Tuesday post. Later tonight I'll wrap up the PBM stuff and start introducing March's surprise. 

Anyway, I'm getting back to work now - I have Math and English Assessments tomorrow!

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