Friday, February 11, 2011


by Kazu Kibuishi
Start Date: 1 February 2011
End Date: 1 February 2011

Book 1: The Stonekeeper
192 pages (Paperback edition)
Published 1 January 2008

Book 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse
224 pages (Paperback edition)
Published 1 September 2009

Book 3: The Cloud Searchers
208 pages (Paperback edition)
Published 1 September 2010

Book 4: The City of Cielis
Will be published Summer 2011

These fast-paced and wonderfully illustrated graphic novels are quick reads that will keep you turning the pages and wishing for more. Since I've been writing picture books every day, I have an even deeper respect and appreciation for authors who can write graphic novels this wonderfully.

The story centers around Emily and her brother Navin, who after moving into their great-grandfather's house, find a mysterious amulet that gives Emily magical powers and lead them into a parallel world full of magic, heroes, shady characters, and quests. When their mother gets captured, Emily and Navin go to rescue her, each becoming heroes in their own right. However, the amulet seems to have its own agenda...

These books are quick reads - I finished each in about 45 minutes.  The end of every book will leave you wanting more, but there are only three books out so far. I don't know how many books are planned for the series.

I really like Kibuishi's artwork style. I have a few pictures of the main characters and a page from the beginning of the first book, before they leave the "real" world. Unlike the Bone books, Emily, Navin, and the other human characters are drawn in the same style as the creatures that only exist in the world of fantasy. I found it interesting that the characters in the fantasy world seems more real and stood out less than characters from the real world, such as the mother. They fit into their world so nicely, and I think Kibuishi's artwork reflects that really well.

I know I haven't been posting reviews, but I've been really busy with PBM and everything. I'm really going to try to stay on top of that. I may have to do an overall post with all the books I've read in the last few weeks with just 1 or 2 sentences for each. Yes, I think that's what I'll end up doing. 

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