Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 16

Today I had about an hour to work on my picture book, and I had this great idea that I wanted to illustrate. I got so into illustrating that I ran out of time to write the book part, so I'm just going to post the few lines I jotted down beforehand.

Picture Book #16: Different is Good

Tall people can reach top cabinets.
Short people can squeeze into the best hiding places during hide-and-seek.
Fast people win races.
Slower people can race for longer.
Girls get to wear dresses.
Boys get to not care.

The cover illustration is a tracing of a photo from a couple years ago. I am in it, and Ben and Rachie (who I have a book idea for, but no book yet). The funny thing about this illustration was that I realized after drawing it that the people in it are actually not very different at all. But at that point I wasn't going to start over.

I got the title from a line the The Incredibles, where Violet says "Is different okay?" and the boy (Tommy? Tony? I always forget his name) says "Yeah, different is-- different is good." I'm not sure if that's the exact line because I'm not interested in getting my copy of The Incredibles to check. But it's something like that. Anyway...
Only 10 more to go!

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