Friday, February 4, 2011

Picture Book Marathon, Day 4 - Illustration

This isn't a cover illustration, but it's the first page. I'm very proud of it. I think it's the best illustration I've done this far. I drew it by hand first, then scanned it into my computer. Then I had to trace it on photoshop because when I was drawing it, I forgot that I couldn't publish a drawing on lined paper. Then I colored it on photoshop just like normal. One of the other things I did differently this time was that I drew the text rather than inserting text. I like it better this way but it's a lot harder because I'm still using my little trackpad, so I have to be super careful with the letters. Any thoughts on today's illustration?
Yay for curly-headed Odysseus!

I'm working on my make-up book for yesterday, but it's not even close to being done, so it might turn into tomorrow's picture book and I'll just be a day behind of where I want to be. Perhaps inspiration will strike me farther into the month and I'll write four in a day (yeah, right) and be as ahead as I want to be. Or maybe I'll be productive this weekend. Or maybe not. Oh well.

Tomorrow will be the first weekend book. For me weekends are not work time. I'm sure for most people, weekends are not work time. Weekends are sleep-until-noon time and then hang-out-and-waste-time time. Everyone needs some of that. Let's see if I can write both of my picture books and have a real weekend. If not, the weekend takes priority, 'cause otherwise, I'll never get through next week. (Gahh, school! Just kidding, I actually love school.... most of the time.)
Until tomorrow,

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