Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picture Book Marathon Wrap Up

Well, it's March. As incredibly busy as I am, I do miss writing the picture books every day. But I've decided to go on the the next step of PBM - revisions. On the sidebar (over there ---->) is a poll where you can choose your favorite books from February and I'll revise the top 3-5 (depending on how many I get to) during March. You can select multiple answers, and the poll is open until Sunday night at midnight. If necessary, I will extend it up to a week, but I want to get started.

I had a ton of fun during PBM. I really want to thank Lora Koehler and Jean Reagan for organizing the whole thing - without you guys there's no way I would have done this. Your daily blog posts were great for inspiration, but they mostly reminded me that there were a few hundred other people doing this along with me. Also, I want to thank Cathy Cronin, Kate Higgins, and Sherry Meidell for your stories about working on the marathon, keeping me motivated because I knew other people had stuff going on in their lives too and they worked through it. Julie Olson, Will Strong,  and Jed Henry inspired me with their beautiful illustrations every day, and Nathan Hale's drawings and daily posts convinced me to do the marathon in the first place. Thank you all. Also, I know these thank yous are getting waaaaay to long, but I just wanted to mention how great my friends and family were, supporting me all the way. There. That's it. No more!

So please vote and I'll post again soon!

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