Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Covers!

Two posts in 1 today:
1) New Forest Born Cover!
2) Goliath Cover Revealed!
Both are so happy-making and fantastic, and it's just great that they happened to fall on the same day.

So, post #1:

I'm so excited about this. And so happy, because this book needed this cover. But let me first explain. Shannon Hale, author of many wonderful and beautiful books, somewhat recently wrote a book called Forest Born. It is the fourth book in her Books of Bayern series. This entire series is fantastic, one of my favorite series ever. The writing is so lyrical and delicate, with every word spinning a picture that makes me wish I could even write half as well. Anyway, about the time Forest Born was being published (perhaps a bit before? I don't quite remember), Bloomsbury came out with new covers for all of the books in the series. It was a shame, because the old covers were so beautiful and fit the stories so perfectly. Because of the change, Forest Born didn't get a cover in the original style. This made many readers including myself, very upset because, as I just mentioned, the old covers were wonderful. But now Bloomsbury is coming out with a new cover in the original style for Forest Born! Yay! I'm so happy (I'm sure you can tell) that this is happening.

Here are all the Books of Bayern with their original and new covers:

Do you see that wonderful Forest Born cover? Isn't it absolutely amazing? Aren't I right to freak out over it? *sigh*

And now, just for fun, the UK edition of Shannon's books:

Post #2:

YAY! Goliath has a cover! And it's a great one too. I generally don't like real people on the covers of books (the complaint I have with the new versions of the Books of Bayern), because it doesn't let me imagine my own versions of the what the characters look like. For some reason, the people on the Leviathan covers never bothered me as much. They don't look anything like how I imagined the characters, but I can get over that. The one thing that I don't like about this cover is how Deryn obviously looks like a girl. It wasn't nearly as obvious on the other cover, but here it's just not realistic that Alek doesn't realize she's a girl. For goodness sakes. But it is a totally awesome cover, so that makes up for it. Yay.

I'm pushing the PBM stuff until tomorrow, cause this was more important. Way more important.

1 comment:

The Politick said...

omg omg omg omg omg.....I LOVE THE COVER FOR FOREST BORN! it is soooo pretty!
i also love the way you describe hale's writing style, because i had no idea how too :)
also, will there be a goliath cover that does NOT have real people on it? like in the style of the first 2?


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