Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Change of Plan

I've decided to keep the poll open until the end of March, and start the heavy revising in April. That will give me time to concentrate on March Merriment and give all you lurkers time to cave and decide to vote. (I know you're there! I'm not just posting into empty cyberspace... am I?) Coming up will be a post that includes everything I've done so far on all 26 books. It'll be a looong post, but several people mentioned to me that this might be a good idea. So. That's the plan.

And now I must start writing my overly long post about all the stuff I've been reading recently. But yay for finally getting back to reviewing! I'm obviously not going to be able to review every book I read during March Merriness, but I'm going to try to keep up as best I can. And I'm planning on doing another group review at the end of March for all the books I didn't get to.

Until later,

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