Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Giant Group Review Introduction

I have a lot of books in my room (but not an Alot of books - see here). Many of my friends say I have too many books. I almost - but not quite - agree. Anyway, I figured that if I kept going on my present strategy of reviewing maybe 1 book for every 3-5 that I read, I'm never going to get to talk about some of the books that I really love because I won't want to write a whole review about them. So I thought,  What if I did a group review for a ton of books at a time? I was hesitant to give in to this idea, since it would obviously be a ton of work, since I have several hundred books.  But yesterday (or maybe it was the day before), a friend jokingly accused me of keeping how-to-read books in my room, and that changed my mind. I am now embarking on a quest to, if not review, write a few comments about every single book in my room. And I will be doing it by shelves. It will be done in 20 parts, one every few days. I'm going to start with part one on Monday.

I'm probably not going to post tomorrow, Friday or this weekend so I can prep and also because it's going to make me even busier than I already am with March Merriness and schoolwork as well as posts for The Bookbird and the WordGirl every other day. By the way, please go read our recent posts on Bookbird-Wordgirl. The story is getting really fun to write and hopefully really fun to read as well. Also, please vote in the PBM poll. I'm getting tired of asking, and I'm sure you're getting tired of reading it. But if you do vote, I'd be so very happy.

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