Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Excuse For Not Writing a Post

This weekend wiped me out. It was incredibly fun, but I am exhausted, and I don't have the energy to write a big post. But I want to post a group post for February before I do anything else. So I'm taking today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) off. I'll do my regular Teaser Tuesday on Tuesday, and we'll see from there. On my break I'll do some of the drawings I didn't get to for PBM and do some super-reading. Right now, I'm trying to scramble for March Merriment because all the books arrived and they look a lot longer than I was expecting. Usually this would make me happy, but when I'm going for speed, long books aren't necessarily what I want. I'm currently in the middle of Unexpected Magic (a book of short stories, very fun to read), Airman (a reread, just as good the second time), and The Tough Guide to Fantasyland (hilarious).

And here's my schedule for the rest of this week (if I publish it, I have to stick to it):
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Teaser Tuesday
Wednesday - February 2011 Group Review
Thursday - All the PBM stuff in 1 giant post, plus whatever I've done for PBM since February
Friday - Hopefully an in-depth review, but probably not. 

In my absence from this blog, I encourage you to check out my other blog, The Bookbird and the WordGirl. Read my post about it here, or visit it here.

Oh, and also please vote in the poll (over there ----->). There are only six votes so far, and I'm pretty sure I know everyone who voted. If you don't remember the books, you can either go back to older posts or wait for my post-PBM post on Thursday. Thank you!

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