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Interview with Ishita from The Reading Fish

Today I'm happy to have Ishita from The Reading Fish over to answer some questions about her blog, blogging in general, and herself. This interview is part of Awesome Bookworm's Book Blogger Meetup.

Ishita also interviewed me! Check it out on her blog, The Reading Fish.

What inspired you to start your blog, The Reading Fish? Do you have any other blogs?
So I actually started the blog, after figuring out that I need blogger to enter giveaways….I know I am very greedy…but then as I actually started reading reviews (before that I was on Facebook most of the time) and looking more on goodreads…I saw these awesome websites! I Fell in-love and immediately decided I must blog. I really wanted people to know who I am, and what I like to do. And I have a lot to say about books, like a lot! And the reading fish is my first and only blog…I can’t believe I have been only blogging for three months, it has felt like years! I plan to only keep one blog, I want to expand this blog, and I think multiple blogs will make me lose focus, so Reading Fish is the only one :) .

What does the name Fishy come from?
There is a really really really long story but I’ll tell you a quick summary of it :). So growing my nickname in the family has always been Ishi (ishee) so growing up that is what everyone called me , even friends…and then at like the age of seven I got first fish tank with ten fishes. And during that period I was also called fatty (but not going into that ), and my friends apparently decided I was “squishy”. So from Ishi they combined Fishy and Squishy (since they rhymed) so I became Ishi Fishy Squishy. And over time that whole nickname was to long, so I am called either squishy, Fishy (but usually Fishy) and Ishi is reserved for family and close friends. So that is how I got the nickname Fishy…. (it was a much longer process though this is just a really brief summary) lol

I see you design blogs. What got you started on that?
I started to design about a month after I started my blog. And I have some really good inspirations such as Lucia from iLive iLaugh iLove Books and Oatrick from iRandomblogger. Both have amazing talent, and I have learnt a lot from them. I probably started after the blog was created…I wanted it to look pleasing and inviting, not boring (since that is not me), it’s not super officy either, I don’t fit that perspective either. I love color and art, I may not be amazing, but on the computer I have too much fun. I think that love had gotten me interested (and also the fact that my dad is a computer engineer so a lot of computer-y stuff goes on in my house).

What is your favorite genre to read? To review?
Oh god, this is a hard question. Hmmmmm, I love all genres to be truthful, and I love to review everything. As long as the writing feels natural, the characters are good, and well it’s not over the top detail…I most probably will like/love it and would enjoy reviewing it…But a plus would be any amazing guy…You know girls the guy of our dreams, right there in the book, dashing, romantic, sweet…ahhh now that will add the cherry on the top (Sorry for the fangirl moment)

What makes a book amazing? Conversely, what makes you stop reading a book?
For me (like I stated in the previous question) a book is amazing when
a) The story flows
b) There is not over the top detail on unnecessary things…like how a field looked so green, and three pages on that (way to much detail) unless that field is important to the storythough
c) When the writing doesn’t seem forced
d) When there are some witty banter (I love that )
e) And if the story line is something non-cliché and new. I love unique story lines
f) Oh…and if you throw a great guy or two…well you just hit jack pot ( I know I am over obsessing, but teenage girl here, and well that usually makes the book all the better…though you start judging boys in real life which doesn’t help) but yes…

Here is the thing though, these are some of the main points, but (F) is just a bonus point if you get what I mean. And usually I stop reading if a story feels forced, or the language doesn’t feel cohesive to me I just can’t continue to read the book. I start to drone out and well, it doesn’t turn out to great. I also hate when the lead character whines a lot, and the story progresses but then ends up back at square one, that also bugs me.

What are some of your favorite reads of 2011 (so far)?
My favorite books of 2011…This is one of the hardest questions…. To name a few ( berceuse there are so many…) Across the Universe, Die for Me, Hourglass, Divergent, Lola and the Boy Next Door, Spell bound, and a ton more!

What are some books you’re looking forward to reading in the next few months?
Wow so many, some are Shatter Me, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. A Million Suns, Clockwork Prince, Silence….to name the few but there are tens of hundreds more!

What is your favorite part about being a book blogger?
The people I meet! I love meeting a community where reading is cool! So many teens I know hate it and well reading is just part of me, and to find other people like me feels great! I can also voice an opinion, to people who listen, I feel like I can get things out which I can’t with non-book loving people. And if I fan-girl no one minds as well :D

Are some reviews harder to write than others? Why? Which ones?
Some reviews are harder to write. Especially when I didn’t like the book, I feel horrible for giving it a negative review. Because I know the author put in a lot of effort, and the authors are all too sweet. And sometimes books I find completely amazing I find difficult to review. They end up being so great I am usually at a loss for words with it, that I find trouble trying to place words into my review.

And some non-blogging questions:
What would be worth standing in line for four hours in the rain for?
Hmm… many things…First thing Movies, Books, CHOCOLATE, and black Friday sales :D !

What do you like to do with your time (other than read)?
Hang out with friends and family, Tweet ( I love tweeting), dance, volunteer ( a lot), shopping, cook, and EAT :D

If you were given a year with no responsibilities and no requirements, what would you do for the year?
I would read, read and read…and write reviews (for fun though), then I would dance, and never make my bed because I hate making my bed. I’ll probably study a bit because I feel I’ll turn stupid If I don’t lol. And really I don’t think I’ll be able to grasp the fact I have no responsibility and I probably would forget I had no responsibilities or requirements and just go on doing what I usually do lol

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? (Very important question)
Oh so many, but it must be chocolate! I am a chocolate Addict like no other. I love any flavor of chocolate ice cream! But it must be chocolate ice-cream with a warm chocolate brownie with chocolate syrup on top, and some Oreo crumbs…yummmmmmmmmm ;)

Would you prefer to have one giant library or books all over your house?
A giant library, I have always wanted one! I am so unorganized, but my books they are well kept and have there place! No one messes with Fishy or her Books! I completely want that large grand library so I can have just a place dedicated to me and my reading, which would be heaven for me :D .

Thank you, Ishita!

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