Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guest Blogger - Jamie from This Writer's World

Today I'd like to introduce Jamie Corrigan from This Writer's World. Jamie and I are swapping guest post for the Book Blogger Meetup, hosted by Awesome Bookworm. Check out my guest post on her blog!

I'd like to start by saying hello to everyone and also thank you to Pica for signing up for BBM. It is a pleasure to know such a wonderful blogger!

When I first signed up for BBM and received the schedule, I had many ideas of what I could write a guest post about. My blog,, is mainly a blog about my journey through the writing world. But that isn't the only thing it and myself is about. Not only am I an author, but I (as are most authors) am a reader too.

When I write, I close myself off from any book that is within the genre that I am writing. I don't want to read something and without thinking, add one of its elements to my ms without realizing what I have done. I'm not saying that I don't read while writing. What I'm saying is that if I'm writing a paranormal book, I prefer to read something like Sand by Lili Tuffel.

Of course, I have read some awesome paranormal books lately, like Forgotten Souls by Tiffany King, while revising my ms, but I reread what I wrote several times to make sure that I didn't use a theme that I hadn't already planned on using since I'm writing a planned series. That is something I encourage writers to do if they read their genre while writing. Reread EVERYTHING to make certain you don't accidentally use something from another book. Be creative and as original as you can.

As a reader, I am drawn to interesting characters that are strong. One of my favorite characters of all time is Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. Sure she is devious, but she is also a survivor. As an author, I find that I like to write the same characters that I like to read. I find that I like to put myself in the reader's shoes and experience it like they do. If I find something lacking, then I figure the reader will too.

Being a reader has taught me a lot about writing. The thing is, I've realized that I still have a lot to learn. The best part about being an author to me is knowing that one day, the joy that I find in curling up and reading a good book will be somebody else doing that with one of mine. So, as I lay fingers to keyboard I say happy reading!

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