Monday, July 25, 2011

In My Mailbox, 4th Edition

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren
Participants are encouraged to talk about anything bookish they received during the week.

This week, I bought:
The Iron Daughter, by Julie Kagawa
I liked the Iron King, even though it wasn't a five-star book for me, and I'm expecting like the Iron Daughter well enough, but the Iron Queen, the next book in the series, is supposed to be fantastic. And even though I don't absolutely love the series, it certainly does keep you wanting the next book. A couple of reviewers that I depend on for many of my recommendations mentioned having the same experience as me for the first book, and loving the third. So I figure this is an in-between book, and I'm determined to like it all the same. On an unrelated note, I was totally surprised when I opened the box  to find that the cover was purple. And here I was, expecting a pretty periwinkle cover. Nevertheless, the cover is great is person. Even though I'm not expecting to love it, I am excited to pick this up.

Magic Study, by Maria V. Snyder
I loved Poison Study (review to come), and I could not wait to get the next in the series. So I didn't. Not much else to say.

Paranormalcy, by Kiersten White
As I've mentioned before, everyone seems to love this book. I don't think I've read a single negative review (at least, none come to mind). Supernaturally, the sequel, comes out tomorrow, and so Paranormalacy has been popping up around the blogosphere and I was reminded that I really wanted to read it. Amazon offered a large discount to buy the two books together (which is still up: here is the link), so I got them both. Supernaturally arrives tomorrow, and Paranormlacy arrived late last week.

Witch Dreams, by Vivian Vande Velde
I'm a huge fan of VVV, so when I saw this book (I don't even remember where), I decided to get it just to try out a new VVV. I knew very little about it before buying it. Turns out, it's Middle Grade (which I don't mind at all), just over 100 pages with large font and margins, and reads like a rather long short story. I read it in about an hour a few nights ago. Review to come.

Across the Great Barrier, by Patricia C. Wrede
According to Goodreads, this wasn't supposed to come out until August 1, but I received it a few days ago in the mail. I am really looking forward to reading Across the Great Barrier, but it's been pushed pretty far over on my shelf, since I try to read books in more or less the order I get them. You can read my thoughts about this book in my post on August Releases. By the way, the cover is even prettier in person.

From the library:
And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie
This is the first Agatha Christie I've read. A friend and I watched the movie And Then There Were None at the beginning of the summer, and we've also been slowly working through her collection of Poirot (the TV show). When I went to the Book Swap in October, I got a collection of Agatha Christie that I gave to that friend, but it seems to have gotten lost in transit. In any case, watching the Christie mysteries with her has gotten me interested in what the books were like. And to top it off, this morning, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing posted a Memory Monday about And Then There Were None. So when by chance I saw it at the library today, I snatched it off the cart and checked it out. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it before it's due if I keep reading the books in the order I got them, so I might bring this to the top of the stack. On the other hand, I can always check it out again later. So maybe not. In any case, I'm glad I got it, and it is going on my TBR whether I get to read it in the next week or not.

What's in your mailbox?


Small Review said...

So many good books!

I'm curious to see what you think of The Iron Daughter. I didn't overall (that beginning! ugh, dragged), but it was worth getting through it to get to The Iron Queen! Have you read Winter's Passage? If you haven't and you haven't started TIQ yet, then try to read Winter's Passage first. It's a short novella and fits in right between the first and second books. I have it if you need a copy. Just shoot me an email :)

I hope you like Paranormalcy! Oh, I forgot about Witch Dreams. I read that one, hm, last year I think. I liked it a lot, but it was so sad! Looking forward to your reviews. :)

Pica said...

I just finished Paranormalacy and Supernaturally a few nights ago (contributing to my ever-growing problem of using up valuable sleeping time with books) and I thought they were both great. Witch Dreams was pretty good, but I think it worked better as a novella or short story, since it seemed like it could have been longer and more could have been added to the story. It would have been great if VVV had taken Witch Dreams and used it as a beginning to a longer book.

I will keep your recommendation in mind for The Iron Queen. I haven't read Winter's Passage yet, but I'll get a copy of that before I start TIQ.

Thanks for your thoughts! :D


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