Monday, July 4, 2011

In My Mailbox, 1st Edition

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren
Participants are encouraged to talk about anything bookish they received during the week. 

This week, I bought:
Poison Study, by Maria V. Snyder
This book has been sort of on the outskirts of my radar for a while, since Valek, who is apparently a character from the series, was in the YA Fantasy Showdown. Every single book I've read involved in the showdown has been great, and most of my favorites were originally introduced to me because of it. I was looking through old reviews on Squeaky Books recently, and I saw that Enna Isilee really enjoyed it as well, and that was that. I pushed this to the top of my to-buy list, and the next time I found an excuse to buy books, this was one I was excited about. My "excuse" for all three of the books this week was actually my reward to myself for finishing my first week of summer school intact. We've been doing about 100 pages of reading a night, and to reward myself for getting through all that reading, I bought myself more reading material. It makes sense in my world.

Entwined, by Heather Dixon
I've been really looking forward to getting this book. It seems to be right up my alley. I haven't read very many reviews, but I think people have generally been liking it. I don't really want to check now, in case I'm wrong, and people don't actually like it, because then I'd be biased against it when I actually read it. It seems to be a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, which is wonderful, because I love all fairy tale retellings, but especially retellings of less well-known fairy tales such as this one or East of the Sun, West of the Moon (neither of which my mom has heard of, which totally surprised me, since I love these tales). Also, it gets bonus points for having an absolutely stunning cover. It's even prettier in person than on the computer. I don't think I'll be able to resist picking this up for long.

Mind Rain, by Scott Westerfeld
I really liked The Girl Who Was On Fire (read my review here), and this seems like the same idea but for the Uglies series, which are very high on my list of favorite books, and some of the most thought-provoking and most relevant to our society today of all the books I read. I'm excited to see what other people have to say about them.

What's in your mailbox?

By the way, happy 4th of July!

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