Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanks, Logan

Sorry for not posting much recently. I keep looking at my blog, thinking "What? Haven't I posted something by now?", start writing a post, and get distracted/ have to go do something else.

But I have to post about this weekend, because it was great. My dad and I flew to Logan, Utah to see five of my favorite authors speak. (More info in this post) I got there about an hour early and spent the time helping set up, which was incredibly fun. Then people started filling into the auditorium, and I joined them, having saved a seat for myself when I first arrived. (This turned out to be a great idea, because the auditorium was packed. Apparently the people who organized this event were expecting a couple hundred people to show up. They were wrong - there were over 1,000 people.) We sat down to hear the authors speak. This was the highlight of the night. They were hilarious. I could not stop laughing. They talked for about an hour, and then there was book signing. Of course, with 1,000 people, signing took a very long time. But it was so much fun. The entire time I was practically jumping up and down. My parents wouldn't let me take all of my books on the plane, but I brought 1 or 2 from each author, and I got them all signed. The event wasn't over until 11:45. During that time, I met and got signatures from all five of the authors (who were all so nice), made friends with the person behind me in line, bought 2 books (The Journal of Curious Letters, by James Dashner, and Yearbook, by Ally Condie), read Rapunzel's Revenge twice, and read about 100 pages of Yearbook. I, for one, was incredibly happy that the signing went on for so long. I loved every moment of it. Thank you, dad (for taking me and waiting in 2-hour-long lines), thank you, wonderful authors, and thank you, Logan.

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