Friday, April 29, 2011

PicaReads is 1 Year Old!

Happy belated blogoversary to me!

I just found out not five minutes ago that PicaReads had its blogoversary last Friday (the 22nd). I was planning to do something fun and special for it, but I didn't know the exact date until a few minutes ago. As it turns out, I was doing something fun and special for my blogoversary but didn't know it at the time. Friday night I was listening to five of my favorite authors speak. I think that's the best blogoversary party ever, especially for a book blog. Over this weekend I might bake a cake to celebrate anyway. (And because any excuse for cake is good.)

I thought I would post a few stats from my first year as a blogger:
  • I've posted 125 posts, and written 130.
  • I've written 37 book reviews.
  • I've completed 2 challenges - PBM and March Merriment.
  • I've read 158 books, including most of my favorites. 
  • PicaReads has been viewed 4,758 times.
    • 4,372 of those views have been from the U.S.
    • The next largest viewership comes from Canada, with 119 views.
I'm off to celebrate!

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