Thursday, April 14, 2011

Squeaky Books - 2 Rants

Squeaky books is a wonderful book blog with tons of clear, well-written, and convincing book reviews as well as many giveaways and various events. Enna Isilee, the author, is incredibly funny and insightful. Anyway, yesterday she posted a rant against paranormal romance (not against the idea, but talking about the various parts of the genre that have been repetitive, disappointing, and just plain silly). I found that I totally agreed with her, and that I've been avoiding the genre for many of the same reasons. After reading this post, I moved on to her rant against romance-fueled books (where if you take out the romance, there isn't much of a story). This one made me literally laugh out loud.

I love reading rants. They're just so great. I'd highly recommend checking out both of these. And just looking through Squeaky Books - It's a great blog.

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