Sunday, April 17, 2011

Judge a Book by Its Cover - Peeps

When browsing various blogs, I came across one called Kaitlyn in Bookland that has a feature called Judge a Book by Its Cover, where she posts various versions of book covers and talks about what she likes and dislikes about the various covers, independent of the story. I thought this could be a fun idea, so I'm going to try it out for PicaReads. Comment with your thoughts!

The first book I'm going to compare covers for is Peeps, by Scott Westerfeld. I don't know exactly what the different covers are, so I'm going to make up my own names for clarity's sake.

1. "Flower Petals" - this is the one I have.

2. "Eye"

3. "People"

4. "Australian Cover" 

#1(Flower Petals) is pretty, but it doesn't really have the creepiness that the other covers have. Generally this would be a good thing for me, but the story warrants a certain amount of creepiness. Also, you'd think that the flower petals have something to do with the story, which they don't. Part of me kept waiting for the flowers to come into it, and they never did. Now, if there was a cat, that'd be a different story, but perhaps a bit too spoilery? (spoiler, highlight to view). However, I do like the spray-paint look of the author's name (although I'd prefer the title to be bigger) and the foreshadowing with the grate, although he doesn't technically go down any grates in the book.

#2 (Eye), however, is taking the creepiness a bit too far for me. If my book had that cover, I wouldn't want to open it. That said, for many readers that probably wouldn't be the case. Part of Eye that I do like is the contrast of the color block and the fairly simple text at the bottom with the picture at the top. 

#3 (People) is probably my favorite cover of the bunch. I usually don't like people on the covers of books because I like to imagine the characters based on how they're described in the text rather than how they look on the cover. However, this cover really captures the creepiness of the story without overdoing it, includes parts of the story without giving anything away, and is interesting to look at graphically. 

#4 (Australian Cover) takes a close second to "People". I really like the cityscape in the background and how the bluish white of the face is reflected in the title and and parts of the city. Actually, I think all the colors in this one work really well. This cover would be by far my favorite if the person didn't have so much makeup under their eyes. If that had been done in a way that wasn't so obviously makeup,  I would like it a lot more, but thats what draws my eye every time, and I don't really like it. So it pushes this cover into second place for me. 

My favorite cover: "People". What's your favorite?

P.S. Review of Peeps coming soon!

[EDIT: Looks like I was a bit lax researching for the different covers of peeps; I found three more.  I'll make sure to get all the covers next time.

5. German Cover - "Peeps" (not sure what the subtitle says)
[EDIT: I looked it up; as far as I can tell, it's a quote from the book: "so pretty I had to eat him"]

6. & 7. Canadian Covers (The title "Peeps" is also used in Canada)

Read my review of Peeps!

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