Thursday, January 27, 2011


As I mentioned a few posts ago, one of my goals for this year is to make sure I am reading a variety of styles rather than one style in a variety of books. I think that so far, I've accomplished this goal pretty well, having read such books as Castle in the Air (Diana Wynne Jones), Little Sister (Kara Dakley), and Uglies (Scott Westerfeld) within 4 days of each other, while also listening to my 6 minutes of Fandorin (see previous post) every morning on the way to school. I'm hesitant to stray too far from my literary comfort zone, but I thought I'd send a request into the wide world of internet asking if people have recommendations for books that are a bit different from what I normally would read. To get a sense of the kind of books I enjoy, I'd look at recent reviews by clicking on the "Book Reviews" link under "Labels".

The books I have lined up for the next few weeks:
- Specials, by Scott Westerfeld
- Extras, by Scott Westerfeld
- Enchanted Glass, by Diana Wynne Jones
- Murder on the Leviathan, by Boris Akunin
- Heroes of the Valley, by Jonathan Stroud
- The Changeling Prince, by Vivian Vande Velde
- The Heavenward Path, by Kara Dakley
- Metamorphosis and Other Tales, by Franz Kafka

As you can see, this is list is pretty similar to the list of books I've read recently, which is why I'm writing this request. Please comment! What are your favorite books?

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