Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Conspiracy of Kings

by Megan Whalen Turner

Start Date: 1 January 2010
End Date: 1 January 2010
336 pages (Hardcover Edition)
Published 23 March 2010
Recommended for: Middle and High Schoolers

A few nights ago I read A Conspiracy of Kings, and I have to say that it did not live up to my expectations. Although I was interested in Sophos (the main character in this book), who had disappeared somewhat since The Thief, I was disappointed by how un-Gen-like Gen was. In the first book, he was a great character throughout the whole book and even though you (the reader) think you know him, he’s always keeping something hidden. Even in the second and third books, he always had some trick up his sleeve. However in this fourth book, he never really opened up and gave the reader the satisfaction of knowing he was always one step ahead, and laying his plans so cleverly that no one, including the reader knew. Gen acted like Attolis of The King of Attolia, but without the ending that made me laugh out loud at his cleverness.
Despite this complaint, however, Turner writes as masterfully as ever, and I feel like I would have enjoyed this book much more if I hadn’t read the other books in the series first. As a book by itself, it was quite good, so even though I just wrote a not-quite-glowing report, I still appreciated it, and I’d consider it a book worth rereading. I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but I would definitely recommend The Thief, the first book of the series and one of my favorite books.

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