Monday, January 17, 2011

Curious Sparkplug: a curiously good blog

A friend of mine who calls herself The Politick has recently created a blog that is worth checking out. From beautifully written tangents to short stories, creative writing, and even a satirical speech about the homeless children of America, every word draws you in closer. And it makes me laugh out loud to read and reread (and reread and reread and reread) her posts.

To give you an example of her writing style, here is an excerpt from her post Aliens:

when you think of 'lifeskills', or rather, when i think of lifeskills...i think--- combing your hair, brushing your teeth... general grooming. and then most importantly... how to eat with knife, fork and spoon, so that you do not accidentally swallow the utensils.
but no. of course, as always happens in life, it is surprising. yes, that has been said. as well as: to oneself be true (or something like that)... you know what has also been said? find your other green sock so you don't go to school with mix-matched socks and look like you have no lifeskills. on the other hand...wear green socks to school and you will look like an alien. win?
anywho--- today i had lifeskills for two hours. first things first blue lollipops were handed ease the tension in the room? to get us sugar-high? make our tongues and teeth blue so that we would all look like aliens.

Also, Curious Sparkplug has just achieved its 500th view, so congrats to The Politick for that as well.

And now go read the rest of that post at Go read, enjoy, and spread the word about this great blog.

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