Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sea of Trolls

By Nancy Farmer

The Sea of Trolls
Start Date: 7 October 2010
End Date: 9 October 2010

This book was even better than I remembered. There was more history incorporated, and way more mythology that I had thought. What’s more, the story in itself was great, with memorable characters, a great plot, and striking scenes. Nancy Farmer expertly crafts layers of story that are peeled back after multiple readings.

I’m actually not going to write a summary of what happens, because I could never do it justice, but I will just say that it’s a great book that I highly recommend.

The Land of the Silver Apples
Start Date: 10 October 2010
End Date: 12 October 2010

The Islands of the Blessed
Start Date: 12 October 2010
End Date: 15 October 2010

Also, the costume is done! The “research” didn’t help that much, but it was great to reread the books.

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eaglescry said...

Could you do just, not do a summary, but put it in some sort of context? Main character?


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