Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Review (31 October - 6 November)

In Weekly Reviews, I summarize the posts I've published over the week, as well as the books I'm currently reading, books I've finished over the week, some upcoming reviews, and any comments I'd like to include about the past week. The weekly review feature was inspired by Small Review and Butterfly Feet Walking on Life.

In case you've missed anything, here's what I posted from Monday, October 31st through Sunday, November 6th.

+ End of FOOF


Memes & Features

Books Completed

Tuesdays at the Castle, by Jessica Day George
The King in the Window, by Adam Gopnik

Tuesdays at the Castle was lots of fun - a delightful MG that I will very likely be recommending to MG friends. The King in the Window was a FOOF read that I hadn't picked up for years. I was surprised by how clever it was. I'd happily recommend it to MG or YA readers. 

Crossed, by Ally Condie
Across the Universe, by Beth Revis

I loved Crossed, although I was not entirely happy with the way the story seems to be going. Across the Universe was a reread from January, and it was happily jut as good the second time around. It's always fun when you know all the answers and you can see the clues that the author leaves that you missed the first time around. 

Currently Reading

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick
Wonderstruck, by Brian Selznick

I saved Hugo Cabret for last of the FOOF books because not only did I want to have it to look forward to at the end of FOOF, but I also wanted to read it together with Wonderstruck. I haven't read Wonderstruck before, and I'm curious to see how it compares. 

General Updates

FOOF is finally over! I  d r a g g e d  it out until I'm sure you've forgotten all about it. If you have, it's the challenge I set for myself in late August not to buy any more books until I'd finished rereading eighteen old favorites (and there was a time challenge too, but I finished that part in August/September). Well, with a few swaps (Graceling and Fire for The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials because of sequel timing) I'm finishing my last FOOF book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, tonight! And I bought my first post-FOOF book, Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver, yesterday (a little early, but I couldn't resist). I'm going to try to hold out as much as possible and not buy too many books until after the holidays, but my ban is officially over!

In other news, I have a pretty new signature (see below) and I'm looking for a book-filled week. I have school off for Veteran's Day, so I plan to spend the day with my nose in a book. Happy Monday!

What's going on this week for you?


Small Review said...

Yay for Tuesdays at the Castle! I'm going to check out The King in the Window. I've never heard about that one before, but I love your taste in books. :)

Your new signature is very cute!

Pica said...

Thanks, Small! I think you'll like The King in the Window. There are a lot of puzzles, and the whole plot is very clever. I think it's out of print though, so you might have to buy it used.


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