Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Review (14 November - 20 November)

In Weekly Reviews, I summarize the posts I've published over the week, as well as the books I'm currently reading, books I've finished over the week, some upcoming reviews, and any comments I'd like to include about the past week. The weekly review feature was inspired by Small Review.

In case you've missed anything, here's what I posted from Monday, November 14th through Sunday, November 20th.


Memes & Features

none this week!

Books Completed

Bone, by Jeff Smith

Bone is a fantastic graphic novel that I highly recommend to everyone. I've read it many times, but I don't usually write it down (mostly because I read it so much). But since I didn't finish anything else this week, I thought I'd mention it.

Currently Reading

The 13th Reality: The Blade of Shattered Hope, by James Dashner
Dealing With Dragons, by Patricia C. Wrede

13th Reality is really good, but taking a while longer than I expected it to. As for Dealing With Dragons, I got the audio version out of the library and I love revisiting it. I will hopefully post a review when I'm done.

General Updates

Again, I don't know what happened to this week. All of my extra time seems to have vanished. I might be able to post a bit more this coming week, but most likely I'll get back on schedule next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

What's going on this week for you?

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