Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Postpone the Graphic Novel Readathon?

Hello, lovely readers.

So, I've reached a situation I was hoping to avoid: namely, that the Graphic Novel Readathon is two days away, and I've gotten exactly zero signups.

I plan to have a fantastic readathon myself, read lots of great graphic novels, but it's always so much more fun with other people.

The signups have been up for about two weeks now, and no one has signed up, so that means that either: A) people don't know how much fun it will be to readathon graphic novels OR B) January 3-6 is not a great time for a readathon.

Well, let's address these two options.

A) Don't think it will be fun? Let me assure you, it will be LOTS of fun.
  • Not one but TWO giveaways
  • Mini-Challenges
  • Author interview
  • Community graphic novel fun!
You will get the chance to pick up some great graphic novels, and even if GNs aren't usually your thing, it's a chance to try something new that you just might love.

Not sure what to read? Try looking through this list of my 10 favorite graphic novels, or comment asking for recommendations.

B) January 3-6 doesn't work with your schedule?

Well, I am willing to change the dates. You will just need to let me know that you are interested in participating at some other time, so I can pick dates that are better!

If people are willing to participate, we can make this a fantastic readathon that is super fun for everyone involved. Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions, or sign up here!

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