Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bookish Quotes: Fly By Night

Hello Readers! I decided to try out a new feature:

My first attempt at this feature is from Fly By Night (click for my review), one of my all-time favorite books, which I happen to be rereading right now.

This quote is one of so, so, so many that I could have picked. I could probably pick out a quote I love from every single page. I feel that this quote is particularly significant, however, because it is, in a way, the centerpiece of the story: the power of language. I especially like the keys in the image (which I found and does not belong to me!) because it underlines the connection between power and literacy.

What do you think? 
Should I continue with this feature?


Debz said...

Sounds like a fun feature! I'd love to see what some of your favorite quotes are, and this seems to be a great way to share them.

Logan E. Turner said...

Great idea! Love the feature.

Pica said...

Thanks for the supportive comments! If you guys like the feature, I will definitely keep making these!


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