Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Book of Mordred

by Vivian Vande Velde
Start Date: 18 April 2010
End Date: 22 April 2010

I didn't really want to repeat authors so soon, but I really did not like this book at all, and I thought it deserved mention just to say how much I disliked it. (Also, I have just been reading a lot of Vivian Vande Velde recently.) The story itself is about Mordred, the illegitimate son of King Arthur. The book is split into three sections, each told by a different person. One of the things I didn't like about the book is how disjointed and separate each of the sections seemed. They all sort of came together in the end, but I still felt like there was something missing in the flow of the story. The idea behind the story is to take the character Mordred, who was cast in a very bad light in the traditional stories of King Arthur, and present a different side of his story. The reader never really trusts Mordred, but he is definitely considered a "good guy." It sort of bugs me in books when you want to trust the main character but you know you can't because all of a sudden he does something that makes him seem like a bad guy again. So even though I do really really really like Vivian Vande Velde's books, this one did not meet my expectations. It wasn't funny like the others, it wasn't engaging like the others, and most of all, I just didn't enjoy reading it. Please do not read this book.


eaglescry said...

y are books always about king arthur? who is he anyway? were the other point of views just random ppl or who were they?

Pica said...

Well, The Book of Mordred isn't really about Arthur. He's more of a minor character than the focus of the story.

Mirriam said...

Oh, no! I bought this book because I'm an Arthurian nut, but I could never really get 'into' it. Urgh.


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