Friday, December 7, 2012

Judge a Book by Its Cover: Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

In Judge a Book by Its Cover posts, I compare different covers for the same book, and judge which cover, in my opinion, best fits the book, either because it is the cover I'd be most likely to pick off the shelf or because it fits the style, mood, or plot of the book. I'd love to hear your opinions on these covers.

This edition of Judge a Book by Its Cover will compare the different covers of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. I reviewed this great MG last week, and thought that its covers would be fun to compare. See what you think...

Cover No. 1
US (and most other places)

This is my favorite cover because it best captures the whimsy of the novel. I love the image of Peter's silhouette sneaking across the rooftops and the crows in the background. The illustration style is very fitting for this story, and the colors are both eye-cathching and complementary.  I really like the title font, especially that the I in Nimble is a keyhole: very fitting for this story. 

Cover No. 2
Ladrão de Olhos - Portuguese Edition

This cover has most of the same elements as the US cover, but I don't like it nearly as much. Without the small touches such as the keyhole I and the blindfold around Peter's head as he walks across the roof, the cover seems much more stock. It also seems much more a children's book rather than an MG. That said, I still do like this cover:  I just prefer the other. 

Cover No. 3
Питър Нимбъл и неговите фантастични очи - Bulgarian Edition

This image is so different from the other covers. Although the scene is rather perilous, the cover says "fun" to  me. I like that it shows Peter on his actual journey, and features the floating jars. However, I don't think it quite represents the story inside as well, and I wouldn't be nearly as likely to pick it up off the shelf.

My Favorite: I will stick to the good old US cover. As much as I do like the other covers, there's nothing like the original.

Which is your favorite? Judge this book by its cover!

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Natasha said...

My favorite is cover #1!


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