Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Interview Swap: Debz Bookshelf

Today I have a special treat for you: Debz from Debz Bookshelf and I are doing an interview swap. Here are Debz' answers to my questions, and when you're done, head over to Debz Bookshelf for my answers to her questions.

Welcome, Debz!

When did you start blogging, and why? 
I started book blogging in April of 2011 after my personal blog started overflowing with bookish thoughts and I needed somewhere to catch them all. And thus Darlin’ Deb’s Bookshelf was born (and then quickly renamed Debz Bookshelf, ‘cause I wanted to sound all cool.)

What is your proudest achievement as a blogger?
Surviving it all? I’m honestly kind of shocked that I’ve made it so far. And I guess the biggest things I’ve successfully done as a blogger are host my Fairy Tales Retold Challenge and upcoming/recent (Oct. 17th) Fairytale-a-Thon-- you can tell I like fairy tales.

What advice would you like to give bloggers who are just starting out?
Learn about everything and be patient! I knew nothing about book blogging when I started out, and that really effected my first year of blogging. And then once I knew what I was doing, I began being really impatient with everything. I started wanting a bunch of ARC’s and followers and it took me awhile to realize that those come with time. Now I’m just as gracious and patient as I can be, and things have never been better!

What advice would you like to ask from more experienced bloggers?
How do you balance your time? A lot of times it’s hard for me to find a good balance between reading, blogging, and the real world, But all those big bloggers seem to be pros!

What are some of your favorite reviews that you’ve written? Feel free to link them up here.
My most memorable reviews are those of Wither, Enchanted, Before I Fall, and Palace of Stone but I don’t think I could pick a favorite!

What is something surprising about yourself from your non-blogging life?
I think I have mentioned this on my blog once or twice; I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. They keep me very occupied all the time. It’s a miracle that I can get any reading done sometimes!

What do you do for fun (other than reading)?
Bake cookies and sing showtunes (usually at the same time!)

Describe your ultimate author visit.
Let’s say that we’re at a fairy tale convention, and many popular fairy tale retellers are there. And then I find out that I’ve won some kind of huge sweepstakes involving me getting a free lunch with all of my favorite authors (including Shannon Hale, Jessica Day George, Alethea Kontis (well, I’ve already met her, but she was so awesome I’ll have to meet her again), Janette Rallison, Marissa Meyer, Alex Flinn, Zoe Marriott; the list could go on and on...), as well as a complete collection of their books. And the Brother Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen stop in by way of fairy godmother of course!

What is the most important aspect of a book for you? What makes you immediately want to pick up a book?
“Is it something I haven’t seen before?” is a question I find myself asking. In a world where paranormal and dystopia are clouding the shelves and everything looks the same, I like finding something that sticks out.

What superpower would you want, and why?
Preferably none, but if I got tossed into a vat of toxic waste, I think I’d hope to develop the ability to become invisible!

Thanks for having me, Pica!
Thank you, Debz!

Leave a comment for Debz, and be sure to check out my half of the interview swap over at Debz Bookshelf!

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