Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Face-Off: Diving Under

I had decided not to continue with the Friday Face-Off posts, but I really enjoy them and now that I have nearly doubled my follower count, I thought I might try again. If you like this feature, comment! Let me know your thoughts!

Friday Face-Off is a weekly feature hosted by Misty at The Book Rat

This week's FFO compares two covers that feature the same underwater pose: Tides, by Betsy Cornwell, which is a 2013 debut, and Of Poseidon, by Anna Banks, which has been getting a lot of love this year. 

While the bright white dress in Of Poseidon is more eye-catching, I prefer the softer palette of the Tides cover. To me, Tides captures the feeling of being underwater better than the stark black and white of the Of Poseidon cover. 

But now it's your turn to choose...
Which cover did it better?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

On the most recent FFO: Unraveling Isobel won with a single vote (from Andrea at Cozy Up With a Good Read) against Someone Else's Life.

As usual, you are still welcome to comment with your thoughts on old FFOs, and I will update this page accordingly.

1 comment:

Natasha said...

I like the Of Poseidon cover the best.


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