Monday, July 9, 2012

Cover Reveal for Shades of Earth

On Friday, Razorbill revealed the cover for the last book in Beth Revis's Across the Universe trilogy, Shades of Earth. With the new cover, they also revealed a new repackaged version of covers for the entire series. There will not a be a cover for Shades of Earth in the original style.

I personally don't care too much for the new covers on this series. I would much prefer to have the old covers, and a matching old-style cover for Shades of Earth. The beautiful cover of Across the Universe is one of the things that drew me to this series in the first place. I am, however, very very excited to finally be able to see a cover for this upcoming book.

The original cover for Across the Universe

Here is the summary of Shades of Earth, from Goodreads.
Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind. They're ready to start life afresh--to build a home--on Centauri-Earth, the planet that Amy has traveled 25 trillion miles across the universe to experience. But this new Earth isn't the paradise that Amy had been hoping for. Amy and Elder must race to uncover who--or what--else is out there if they are to have any hope of saving their struggling colony and building a future together. But as each new discovery brings more danger, Amy and Elder will have to look inward to the very fabric of what makes them human on this, their most harrowing journey yet. Because if the colony collapses? Then everything they have sacrificed--friends, family, life on Earth--will have been meaningless.

What do you think? Do you prefer the old covers or the new style?
Are you excited for Shades of Earth?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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