Friday, July 6, 2012

Cover Reveal for Scarlet

What timing! Just after I posted my Judge a Book by Its Cover for Cinder, marveling over the great aspects of Marissa Meyer's first book in The Lunar Chronicles, the cover is revealed for the next installment: Scarlet.

So far I have only been able to find a small picture, but the cover looks great! I can't wait to continue reading this series.

I love that it keeps the same color palette and style as the first book, and, like Cinder, it features an iconic image from the story on which it is based without revealing too much about the contents of the book and certainly not turning into the so-oft-used "pretty girl cover."

Here is the summary (from Goodreads).
This isn't the official summary, but it is what is up for now:
Book two [of the Lunar Chronicles], Scarlet, is based on Little Red Riding Hood. It continues Cinder’s story as she attempts to escape Queen Levana’s vengeance and learn more about her past. The story also introduces readers to Scarlet, a girl living in southern France whose grandmother has mysteriously disappeared. In order to find her, Scarlet seeks the help of Wolf, a street fighter with more than a few mysteries of his own.

Are you excited for Scarlet?
Share your thoughts in the comments!


Small Review said...

Pretty! I like how it implies action with her running and the cape flowing out behind her. It's a nice blend between the "pretty fabric" of pretty dress covers and a cover with more substance that actually says something about the story. I also like how the font looks with this title.

Pica said...

I definitely agree. It's so nice to see your comments again, Small!


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