Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Face-Off: The Goddess Test vs. The Vespertine

Friday Face-Off is a weekly feature hosted by Misty at The Book Rat

For this week's edition of Friday Face-Off, two titles that use the same stock image are going head to head: The Vespertine, by Saundra Mitchell, and the UK cover of The Goddess Test, by Aimee Carter.

The choice between these two titles is not quite as clear-cut as last week's FFO, since the two covers use the same image. Personally, though, I'd go with the cover for The Vespertine. Although I do like that red dress, the brown seems the more natural color for the dress, and I love the immediacy that cutting off the extra space at the top gives to the image. To me, the girl in The Vespertine cover seems to be in much more danger than the girl in The Goddess Test. Also, the colors in the Goddess Test cover seem to fade away past the hem of the girl's dress. Granted, it's a lower quality image, but I still like the crispness that the Vespertine cover gives even to the ground at her feet. 

And now it is your turn to choose...
Which cover did it better?

On last week's FFO: The cover for A Beautiful Dark won against Baci Immortali for its graceful line and lack of photoshopped elements, with all of one vote (not counting my own). So... yep. Thanks, Misty, for your vote!

Leave your thoughts for this week's FFO in the comments!

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