Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lost Hero

By Rick Riordan
Start Date: 24 October 2010
End Date: 27 October 2010

It seems like Rick Riordan is coming dangerously close to running out of ideas. In my opinion, The Lost Hero is a template copy of the Percy Jackson setup. It takes place a little while after The Last Olympian (the last Percy Jackson book) and the three main characters, Jason, Piper, and Leo go on a quest together to save Olympus and by extension, the world from disaster.

Another thing that bothered me was the third person point of view, switching characters every chapter. It felt unnecessary and distracting to have each chapter focused on a different character, especially since they were all together for basically the whole book. In some books (e.g. Leviathan), it works really well to have switching points of view, but in this one, it made the story less accessible (to me) rather than more so.

Overall, it did have some funny parts and was generally fun to read, although not nearly as original as I had hoped.


Allegra said...

I found The Lost Hero enjoyable, but, like you said, rather repetitive of Percy Jackson. The Red Pyramid, also by Rick Riordan, while focusing on Egyptian mythology, follows essentially the same template as Percy Jackson. Rick Riordan seems to be completely stuck.

Anonymous said...

i would actually have to disagree. this book series is for fans who were head over heels for the percy jackson series so it has to have some of the same elements as before.also this almost seems like a follow up of the first series so why change everything completely ? this is what his fans love so i would say stick to it


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